Welcome to my blog, I hope what you find here to be interesting, insightful and maybe even helpful.  I have always enjoyed drawing but didn’t do huge amounts since leaving school – a while ago now.  However a couple of years ago a friend of mine (after seeing some of my caricatures) asked me to draw a portrait of his daughter, I politely declined explaining that I “wasn’t up to it” but soon after decided that this is something I would be interested in pursuing and  started off by experimenting, attempting  a portrait of my children.  After a few failed attempts, through perseverance, I soon realised that I was able to produce a good likeness.  This got me back into my love of art and I have been drawing/painting ever since in my spare time.

I have always liked the idea of working towards a degree, I didn’t go to university after my schooling, instead taking the option to jump into the world of work.  I don’t regret this decision, after all I would not have met my wife and subsequently would not now have my 2 children but I have often wondered if I’m “capable”.  I work in a family business and deal each day with clients, payments, staff etc. I am happy in my career and therefore don’t need to study art for anything other than self fulfilment.  Some might say that given how much it costs, both financially and in time, to complete a degree that maybe I am being wasteful but I would disagree and am fortunate that my family and friends support me and that I am now in a position where I can afford it.


So I made a decision that I wanted to begin a degree and more specifically a degree in art but of course as with all that have both a career and a young family my time is limited. I needed a part time course that allowed me to study evenings and/or weekends and having phoned all my local universities and colleges I soon realised that to study at degree level on site with my spare hours would be impossible. I then came across the OCA’s website which offered the opportunity to study at home around my free time with the benefit of optional study visits.  For the past number of months – whilst trying to pluck up the courage –  I have been researching the available courses, checking out the OCA website and reading the blogs of others.  Now the new year has been and gone and it is time to stop procrastinating and begin…………………..