Posted in 01 Temporary Drawings, COURSEWORK, Drawing 1, Part 1 - Form and Gesture

Temporary Drawings

This exercise what a bit of fun and it certainly got me looking at things in different ways.  I took most of these photo’s over a couple of weeks, waiting for inspiration to hit me at unexpected times.  I arranged a fallen branch and some fallen leaves to create a tree and then just left it.  I wonder if people even saw it and noticed what it was, did they think it happened naturally? Or perhaps make them chuckle.  We had a couple of inches of snow recently and so I took the opportunity to run up and down the garden with the kids making footprints to be photographed afterwards.  I also used some washing up liquid in the sink (suggested in the exercise guidelines) and created an outline of some crockery, cutlery etc.  Finally I noticed the sun reflected off a photo frame at work and making some nice shapes on the ceiling.  I repositioned the frame to get something I found visually pleasing and took the photo.


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