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Expressive Lines and Marks

For this exercise I the four media I decided to use were; pencil, oil pastel, willow charcoal and ink with a small round brush.


Wanting to finish on a positive note, I decided to start with anger.  I used the pencil in a stabbing type grip, using stabbing motions and long sharp strokes20170123_133750, pressing very heavily on the paper. Using oil pastel in much the same way bearing down onto the paper with lots of pressure, lots of pigment falling from the pastel creating clumps, obliterating the edge of the pastel.  With the charcoal again using both the side and tip and lots of pressure in sharp strokes, charcoal splinters from the stick and I crush them under my thumb  and smear it all over
the paper like a bully to an ant. I then pour  a small amount of ink onto the paper and using the end of the brush scrape the ink out violently in different directions, the ink splatters towards me leaving a nice strong speckled effect.



 20170123_134600My chosen emotion, again wanting to leave joy and calm for last.  I use short sharp erratic
strokes and can actually feel the pressure building up inside me.  I chose this emotion as it is something that I have suffered with on and off.  Art is something I use to help me manage these feelings and so I feel conflicted trying to express this emotion through drawing.  Although my 4 drawings look relatively different I used the same short sharp erratic marks throughout.


I needed to do calm next as the last emotion had got me a little pent up, which is probably my own fault.20170123_135942 I started with my eyes closed, took some long deep breaths and started drawing long slow lines stretching across the page and back again.  This started to release some pressure until I was absorbed in drawing long repetitive patterns slowly and without any real thought, allowing the tool/medium to go where it wanted, again using both pastel and charcoal both on the tip and the side.  By the time I had gotten to the ink I felt extremely relaxed and you can see by the picture that such was my calmness (almost laziness)  I was allowing the brush handles tip to be completely out of ink before lifting it to refill again and carrying on.  You can see how few times I have re-dipped.



20170123_140845Finally joy.  I started humming in my head to get a joyful feeling and with that started making curled strokes with upward accents and if you look at my drawings you can see that I’ve actually used very similar marks throughout and I put that down to the rhythm in my head.  When I got to the ink it didn’t feel right using the end of the brush handle – it felt too “scratchy” for joy, so I turned it round and used the brush head for strokes that flowed which felt a lot more akin to joy.


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