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Shadow and Reflected Light

In past exercises I have first chosen my subjects and then begun by drawing each object one by one before arranging them into a few different compositions drawing a very quick, small sketch of each and then making a decision on what I wish to do and how I wish to do it.  This time however, as the whole premise is to show how one object relates to another in terms of reflected light, I thought it would make more sense to move straight to composition but rather than using a quick line sketch as before to explore composition, I would use both line and tone with a lot more detail and on a larger scale, I began in my A5 sketchbook.  This worked very well and I soon realised that actually all art is about how items relate to one another whether that be through light, tone, shape, proportion etc. and perhaps spending more time worrying about composition and less worrying about single items floating in space is preferable.  Of course drawing the subjects singularly can also useful but more so for feeling the shape or borders.  In conclusion, moving forward, I will probably use quicker sketches to describe each single object and spend more time than I have been exploring the relationship between them.

After sketching out a few compositions, I was torn.  I preferred using the paper in landscape which allowed me to include the sink and plug, which of course are also highly reflective.  However using the paper in portrait allowed for the use of less negative space which was not only a requirement of the brief but allowed me to make the main objects, being the tap and soap dispenser, larger which makes it easier for adding finer details.  After some contemplation I decided to plumb for drawing in portrait, the final reason that led me to this conclusion was the sink and plug in landscape didn’t show a huge amount of reflected light and with this being the main focus of the exercise, this could then e construed as additional negative space rather than being part of the main subject.

I am rather happy with the outcome.  Although, as always, there are some inaccuracies such as the spout being a little small and the ellipse at the top of the tap being slightly misshapen.  Overall though I have managed to show the highly reflective qualities of the subjects, the tap is reflected into the soap dispenser an vice versa. You can see the tap being of stainless steel, the soap dispenser being pale and reflective and you can even see the sink being ceramic.  I was a little disappointed that the paper seems to have had some kind of defect, you can see a line running horizontally in the bottom quarter of the page.  There was nothing behind the paper to show through and I’m not really sure what else could have done this.  The problem is that it makes the subject seem transparent.  I have decided that as this is an exercise rather than an assignment piece to leave it as it is.

Shadow and Reflected Light - Graphite and Charcoal on Paper (A2)
Shadow and Reflected Light – Graphite and Charcoal on Paper (A2)

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